Bookkeepers only

If you are a small business bookkeeper, then you can appreciate that sometimes it is “lonely at the top”.

In our highly technical world, sometimes we get questions that are just outside of our reach, or questions that you would like to chat with someone about.

On-Core Bookkeeping has a mentor-ship program available for fellow bookkeepers.  Use us to discuss highly technical situations, “what if” situations, and “how do I handle” situations.  Let us be part of your support network.

We have many staff available, and they have various technical skills. Each person is slightly unique and has something different to offer.  We can hear your issue, and then match you up with an individual that is just the right fit.

Wait!  Aren’t you my competition?

No!  Absolutely not. We are your partner.  Every company in business should have a bookkeeper, and the recognition and standards of bookkeeping should be raised. We all have horror stories where we have had clients been poorly treated by someone that claimed to be a good bookkeeper.  On-Core Services has an excellent clientele, and we provide outstanding service.  We are comfortable in our own skins, and our ability to maintain our clients.  Would a client leave us for another bookkeeper? Absolutely, they might.  But that doesn’t mean we are competition; that means that we couldn’t meet the requirements of the customer. Not every client will be a good fit for us.  Sometimes they might be a better fit for you, and we would love to refer them!

We would also willingly give you a non-compete letter, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

There is more than enough business to go around for all of us!

What sets YOU apart?

You recognize your own skills, your strengths, and your own limitations. From the beginner to the experienced bookkeeper, you have something to contribute to the bookkeeping world.  The trick is knowing and understanding your strengths and your weaknesses, so that you can offer the client the best possible service.

However, being “all things bookkeeper” to every client is difficult!  By using On-Core as your mentors, you can access all of our services, confidentially!

How does the mentor-ship program work?

Simple. You pay for time.  Whatever time you need.  It can be as simple as a phone call, or as complicated as a full-on inspection and advice for a set of books you are doing.  We are available as often or as little as you need us; the program is “pay as you go”. We make it affordable enough that you can upcharge your customers the identical service.

We do have some requirements, however.  We need to know that you are serious about being a professional bookkeeper.  We do not want to support the “garden variety bookkeepers”.  We only want to work with the best and support the best.  For us to know that, you need to be an active member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (

ipbc_stkd_weblogoBy joining the IPBC you will be working towards your certification at a “Certified Professional Bookkeeper”, a designation that shows how well you really know your stuff.  This will set you apart, and increase your business.

What services do you offer?

We have a number of services that a home based bookkeeper would take advantage of.

Year end review

You have done the bookkeeping all year, and now it is time for a year end to be done.  Once you think you are finished, send it to OCS, and we will review the file. We will give you a full report to tell you what you are missing, what might require a change.

Year end completion

Are you B-U-S-Y, and don’t have a chance to finish up a year end?  Let us take it off your hands. We can go through the books, and ask you the appropriate questions in order to get it tidied up. We will also write up a report for you (or the accountant) that will summarize the work that we see.

Health check

A health check is a detailed report that will look at a client’s books and let them know what shape it is in.  This report is done in “Client Speak” language.  You will easily be able to give this report back to your client.

Discussion & Questions

If you work by yourself, you may just want a resource for someone to ask questions.  No problem! Call us when you need us, and we will put you in touch with the right individual who can help you.

Do you mentor formally?

We do sponsorships with schools for practicum work.  If you are a school or student looking for placement, please give us a call.

Special programs

On-Core has an exciting opportunity for all bookkeepers to become beta testers of some new technology.  If you are interested in using an up and coming product, please contact us by calling 780-640-8244.

We suggest using WRIKE for all our fellow bookkeepers! Check it our review below. Go to the WRIKE website and see how it works excellent for bookkeepers.