If you are looking to learn more, do more networking, or be more social, we may have the group for you!

On-Core runs 3 separate groups.  You can sign up for any of them using the forms below.

Revving Up Your Small Business – a group to train and teach you business tips/tricks/rules.

Business Wingman – if you like to attend business events, and wish you had someone to go with, this group is for you.

Business Ladies Socials – do you wish that you had other women to be social friends, but they were also business people and could relate on that level?

Revving up your small business

If you want to move your business to the next level, then On-Core may have the group for you.

Aimed at small business with 25 or less employees, these classes consist of in-person and online events that you can join to find out more information about a variety of topics.

  • What to do now that you are in business?
  • How to navigate CRA
  • Knowing what you can write off
  • Tax planning / income planning
  • Payroll issues
  • Insurances
  • Common issues business owners face
  • and so much more..

Rev up your business

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Areas of Interest

Business Wingman

Business owners must network!  But going to a networking event alone is intimiating, and (quite frankly) a bit scary.

This group seeks out events that business owners can go to.

From networking events to awards ceremonies for formal events, there is no holds barred for this group.

Signup to be a wingman for someone, and get social together!

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Business Ladies Socials

It can be lonely being an entrepreneur, so let this group of gals get you into the social world.

This group is aimed at women who are in business, and want to make like-minded friends.

Social events are once a month and could include almost anything!  Most events will cost a bit of money for tickets, admissions, etc.

Come and be social!

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