Where did my money go? CRA Seizing accounts

hammer smashing pink piggy bank

Do you owe money to the CRA?

Next time you look at your bank account you may be in for a big surprise!

The CRA has been seizing accounts lately for back payments without warning.  Sometimes there are payment arrangements that have been made that have gone to the wrong account – as in the attached article.

Sometimes you get one notice – you need to pay attention to the brown envelopes!!!!

Inevitably they are pulling the money the day before payroll is due and it is making running your business harder than normal.

If you owe anything to the CRA you need to watch out for this- it has happened to a few of our clients within the last week – both of which were making payments to the CRA for amounts owed.


We can pay and monitor your CRA balances and ensure the payments made are going to the correct place – contact us for details