January 2018

  • This is our busy season
    • T4 checks and filing
    • Making sure all the PD7As have been paid correctly all year for all payroll clients
    • Sole Proprietor year ends
    • December Year ends
  • Bring us your work as early as you can so we can get it done on time

December 2017

  • We had a great time at the Christmas Party
    • Playing MadLibs
    • Eating
    • Game gift exchange
    • Relaxing
  • We were off between Christmas and New Years to regenerate so we can start 2018 refreshed and ready to go

November 2017

  • Sadly we had one of our best retire this month.  We will miss you.
  • We had a few staff lunches this month
    • Pizza
    • Mexican
  • We had training on Payroll and what we need from clients regarding payroll forms

October 2017

  • We had an awesome Potluck
  • We looked at a new training program for keeping up with all the changes in bookkeeping online

September 2017

  • We got lost in the corn maze this month – if your looking for something to do this was fun for all ages.

August 2017

  • Large year end month- many people choose July as a yearend that way they get more
    accountant attention and do not have to scramble when the T4s and other annual reports are
  • Ashley has finished her degree in accounting. Awesome work Ashley.

July 2017

  • Golf – we had a great barbecue and mini golf tournament out of the office. Fun was had by all – thank you social committee for the great idea!

June 2017

  • Potluck – we had a potluck and a quiz show on our new member Chris- he brought sushi and we had a great time.
  • We had several people off this month for vacation and they were well covered by the rest of the staff.
  • Summer is our slow time- bring in your work or send in your friends who are years behind- we
    would love to help them now.

May 2017

  • Chris (CPA) started- welcome aboard Chris.
  • We have expanded to do full accounting, we can now do corporate as well as personal tax and bookkeeping.

April 2017

  • Personal tax team busy
  • Potluck – We celebrated 10 years in business and had a nice fun afternoon socializing.

March 2017

  • Ashley passed IPBC exam – Yeah Ashley – CPB!!!
  • Personal tax season is upon us

February 2017

  • Finished T4 season – early – we were done with over a week to spare all of our clients.
  • Started 2016 personal taxes for early clients

January 2017

  • Busy month getting December year ends, sole prop year ends and T4s started
  • Lunch and Learn – Debt restructuring and signs of problems – Very educational

December 2016

  • Christmas potluck and gift exchange.
  • Shut down between Christmas and New Year ’s Day – we will contact you if you have a payroll to arrange it.

November 2016

  • Lunch and learn – mortgage broker – what to do income wise so you can get a mortgage in 2 years. How to make sure you will qualify and what to look for.

October 2016

  • Officially marks “tax season” for bookkeepers
  • Lynn finished her book, and it went to the publisher.  The name “Business for Newbies.  How not to screw sh*t up in the first 3 years!”

September 2016

  • SEP 6 was our fundraiser for “A Safe Place”. BBQ in our parking lot.  We raised $1305.75!!! Excellent!
  • Back to school starts now
  • IPBC Conference (Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada), where we have been nominated for “Bookkeeping Firm of the Year”

August 2016

  • Aug 9 is a fundraiser for “A Safe Place”. BBQ in our parking lot.  CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER! RESCHEDULE IN SEPTEMBER.
  • Aug has “Adulting 101” course, everything you needed to know that you didn’t get taught in school
  • Business courses start up again in September including http://www.oncorebookkeeping.ca/education/
    • Doing a business plan
    • Reading your financial statements
    • Business for Newbies
    • Essentials for the Small Business Owner
    • CRA Know How
    • Quickbooks Online

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016


March 2016

  • IT’S TAX SEASON!!!!!

Prior to March 2016

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