Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Communications Plan

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”
Sir Winston Churchill

Too often we run into small business owners who are disenchanted with the time and money they are
investing in marketing communications as they don’t believe they are getting the return on investment
they are looking for.

We hear it all of the time: “I put all of this time and effort into a website and get very few qualified leads
from it” or “We put together this fancy brochure and I don’t think anybody even reads it” or “We put
some videos on YouTube and got a Facebook page going but I don’t see our revenues going up.”

And just about like anything in life, if you head out without a plan and just see what happens, you get
exactly that … whatever happens. Adventurous spirits are wonderful for say, backpacking around
Europe, but when it comes to marketing communications, adventurous spirits usually get drawn into
creative fads that seem “snazzy” and “fun”, but often do not result in the revenue expected.

Reaching your customers

In today’s frenzied media world where millions of messages are being sent daily on countless media
channels … websites, social media channels, print publications like brochures, emails, texts, phone calls,
in-person meetings, etc., … getting through with YOUR messages to the RIGHT target audiences
(customers who are likely to buy what you are selling) is tougher than it has ever been.

Formulating a plan

To reach your customers efficiently, maximizing use of your resources takes a calculated assessment of
what your business is, where you want to go with your business, who the audiences are that are likely to
buy, what messages will move those audiences to buy, and on what channels those audiences are likely
to digest your messages … and then act on a possible buy. Sounds like a plan! YES. It is a plan.

Marketing that returns results

By engaging with a marketing communications professional on the above steps, a marketing
communications plan is created that can be measured, and altered if necessary, to maximize return-on-investment.

And … you may be surprised how traditional marketing channels that require little financial investment
may indeed be the best use of your resources.

It’s about identifying who they are, what they want to hear and see, and getting those messages to
them in the way they will receive them.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars putting the cart before the horse, get some help with a
marketing communications plan first, and strategically and methodically invest the resources you can
afford, to get results.

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(By the way, I read somewhere that only 2% of golfers take lessons … yet the vast majority of decently
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