Accountants Only

On-Core Bookkeeping believes accountants are our clients, too! We work hand-in-hand to bring the best possible service to our mutual clients in the Edmonton & Sherwood Park area.

What can you expect from On-Core?

Our Staff & Our Knowledge Base

Our staff members are all trained bookkeepers. We have weekly meetings to discuss our workload and any issues internally so our lines of communication are always open.

The company is designed so that work or knowledge is not dependent upon one person. For the best possible service, we match the knowledge we have against the requirements of a particular account. We ensure there are backups in place by having multiple people trained in different areas. All of our bookkeepers have slightly different specialties, and we do our best to match the skill to the client or the work required.

All of our bookkeepers have some degree of formal education. We have mandatory “education moments,” meaning, our employees are expected to further their knowledge and education in the bookkeeping industry.

We take extra steps to avoid turnover within our company, believing that if the staff are happy, then the clients are happy. We pay market rates, offer benefits, and encourage social interaction amongst the employees – this creates a favorable working environment which, in turn, increases productivity.

IPBC_CPB_color_logoThe owner, Chris Maynes, is hands-on in the business by being involved in the bookkeeping community, and encourages staff to be part of the IPBC – Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (  We have 4 staff members that are Certified Professional Bookkeepers. This means that they have been certified by the IPBC, having passed their exams and get continuing ongoing continuing education credits.

Training is mandatory for all of our staff.

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Reporting to you, the Accountant

On-Core provides you with full reporting at the accounts year-end to give you the highlights of what has happened throughout the year. We will give you an idea of how we approached the bookkeeping and advise of potential pitfalls or areas of concern. We clearly highlight for you what requires review and/or discussion with your client

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Canada Revenue Agency

Fully authorized, we can access all client accounts online. All CRA accounts are reviewed twice a year (calendar with payroll and at the year-end). We ensure the client is aware of their debt and their upcoming expenses. We can give clients a 12 month future overview so they know what to anticipate.

On-Core also has a direct payment service in place so we can debit a client’s bank account and pay their CRA bills on time. This prevents penalties and interest for being late!

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Referrals to you, the Accountant

Currently, we have a group of accountants who we work with on a regular basis. Each has a niche with their own specialty, and their own flavour. We regularly refer clients to these accountants, and try to match them according to their needs.

If you are already on our list, please be advised that we consider you as a referral each and every time a new client comes into our office.

We are always looking for new accountants to bring into our fold. If you are interested in being on our referral list, please send us an email.  And then, let’s do lunch, and talk about who we are!

FYI: about 80% of the clients who come through our door do not have an accountant, or want to change their accountant. Our new client accountant referrals are fairly significant.

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The Financial Statements

The most important thing is accurate financial statements. We take pride in our accuracy and how it affects an accountant’s job. Our diligence greatly reduces the number of hours your staff will spend on our files – we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

We use a standard chart of accounts to identify items specifically and clearly so you can make good decisions based on the client’s transactions.

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Year end T4/T5

Every year, we put our clients through a process of income planning. No, not tax planning. We do not have anyone on staff who does taxes, so we stay in close contact with you, the accountant, to ensure we are making the decisions you want us to be making by following the advice you give to your client.

We look at each client individually before the end of the calendar year. We identify how much money they have taken out as the shareholder, and walk them through the pros and cons of taking T4 versus T5 income. We consult with the accountant to see if there are any special needs. We keep the accountant informed and ensure that all T4/T5 slips and reports are filed electronically by On-Core.

During this process we also look at a client’s CRA accounts (RT, RC, RP), and point out to them what they will see in the next year so they are aware of the potential debt to be incurred. This review ensures the client meets all CRA compliance. We even file their WCB annual return.

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We make it easy for you to help your clients!

We often hear from accountants about how difficult it is to motivate the client to action. We try to work with you to make it as easy as possible by letting you use our resources.

If your client is generally disorganized, and they are spending a ton of $$ on their bookkeeping, we have a whitepaper you could give them. Who can pass up 13 good ways to save time and money on their bookkeeping?

Or help them keep track of their home expenses or their mileage.  Check our our resources page for forms.

Ever wish there was something more? If you know of a valuable resource and wish it was available, why not tell us about it or ask us to develop it. You just never know when a good idea can become a great business tool.

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Accounting Newsletters

We endeavor to keep our accountants in the loop of anything new at On-Core Bookkeeping, or anything new in the bookkeeping world. With the owner on the board of directors for the IPBC, the newest topics remain hot in our world. Communicating information is a key tool in our business.

We send out a newsletter to our accountants about 4 times a year. If you are not on our list, and want to be on it, please contact us with your request.

We know we aren’t the only bookkeepers out there, and we can’t tell you what everyone is doing; but we can tell you how we are doing. On-Core is dedicated to seeking out new ways to improve by adding new services; we embrace innovation by checking out and using the latest in new technology; staying on top of change keeps us on the hotplate of the industry!

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We suggest using WRIKE for all our fellow accountants! Check it our review below. Go to the WRIKE website and see how it works excellent for accountants.