Small business bookkeeping-looking after the "core" of your business
Small business bookkeeping-looking after the "core" of your business

Offering a Full Range of Bookkeeping Services

Full Payroll Services

We process your payroll within a couple of hours.  T4 slips provided at the end of the year.

GST Returns

Reconciliation and filing of your GST Returns, either quarterly or annually. Auto payment to CRA available.

Full Cycle Books

Bank and credit card reconciliations, A/R, and A/P, GST, payroll, and more!

Year end prep

Preparation of books for your accountant.  Fully reviewed, all our books pass through 3 sets of eyes to ensure accuracy.


(by extra-ordinary, we mean services most bookkeeping companies & bookkeepers don’t do!)

  • Full CRA reconciliations
  • 12 month predictions of CRA payments
  • Auto payment of your CRA debts
  • Correctly navigate shareholder incomes
  • Shareholder/owner education
  • New business analysis
  • WCB year end filing

Your bookkeeper should be working with you to provide accurate information in order to
maximize your profits
minimize your taxes.

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Income Planning

Come to our seminar Nov 26 to see how you can MINIMIZE your taxes before you get to the tax return.

Items to bring on your visit to us

It doesn’t matter what condition it is in!  Take a look at this list and gather up the items to bring to us.  We will sort through what we need, and return the rest.

Bookkeeping come in all shapes and colors.

For the average business owner it can be very confusing! At the end of the day, YOU are responsible for the accuracy, not matter what your bookkeeper does. Find out here how to hire a good bookkeeping company or good bookkeeper.

For BACKUPS to your system

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