Offering a Full Range of Bookkeeping Services

1Full service professional bookkeeping & payroll2GST preparation, filing & balancing3Real time payroll, payslips & T4 slip preparation
4Year end accountant prep & accrual entries5Bill payments & accounts payable6Client invoicing & accounts receivable


Bookkeeper vs Accountant

Believe it or not, this is a question that we get all the time. 

Often, clients wait until the last minute to pay, and then are surprised that there is no way to pay CRA on a last minute deadline.

There are a few options, but they can be limiting.


You need to have the original slip if you go to the bank.  If you don't have the ORIGINAL (apparently the ink is magnetic), then the bank will not take your money.  How do you get an original slip? Well, you either have to log in to your CRA account - if you have one - or else...

Countdown to TAX SEASON!

178 days since Taxes must be filed.

Our Extraordinary Bookkeeping services include:

(By extraordinary, we mean services that many bookkeepers don't do!)

  • Full CRA reconciliations
  • 12 month predictions of CRA payments
  • Auto payment of your CRA debts
  • "CRA" = Canada Revenue Agency
  • Yearly payroll review
  • Correcly navigate shareholder incomes
  • WCB year end filing
  • Consulting on shareholder "best interests"

 Extraordinary bookkeeping