bookkeeping breakdown with examples

On-Site Bookkeeping

Qualified, Professional Bookkeeper will come to your business and prepare your books as you require. These services include your full cycle accounting and administration needs.

Anywhere Bookkeeping

No longer do you need to come to an office to get your bookkeeping done. We offer anywhere bookkeeping. Check out our QuickBooks Online page for more info!

Health Check

Doing your own bookkeeping and want to know if you are doing it right? A health check will give you peace of mind.

Payroll Services 

Prepare Paystubs with a quick turnaround
Pay Employees for you (EFT or print cheques)
Provide Payroll Remittance Amounts
Prepare T4s
Prepare Record of Employment (ROE)

Year End Preparation

Thorough Senior review of your books
Written summary of your fiscal year provided to you & your accountant
Corporate Tax Services

Regular Services

We work with you to find out what package best suites your needs. We offer all of the following services:

Accounts Payable
Send you updated reports of the bills that are due

Pay your vendors

Accounts Receivable
Provide Customer Aging reports, so you know who owes you money

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

Monthly Reporting
Provide reports to help you run your business

Canada Revue Agency

Monitor CRA deadlines
Remind you of important dates
Keep you in compliance

CRA Projection Reports
Remind you of important dates

File GST
File Monthly, Quarterly and annually as required

Pay CRA on your behalf

T5018 Preparation
Construction companies are required to send to Subcontractors yearly

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