As a business owner, you have to wear many hats, but accountant or bookkeeper should not be one of them.

On-Core Bookkeeping provides reliable and affordable bookkeeping services for Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas.

We do work on an hourly or flat rate basis, depending how it best fits your business.

Flat Rates

Our regular monthly rate will get your bookkeeping done and help you budget your bookkeeping costs.  Our flat rate packages include the services below. Many of our monthly packages are standard, but customization is common for clients.  Your needs are unique, and we can easily accommodate for them.

Hourly Packages

Our predetermined hourly rate is charged for any time taken. This is often used for companies of a larger size, or for catch up work for clients that are behind on their books.

Full Cycle Bookkeeping

Bank and credit card reconciliations, A/R, and A/P, GST, payroll, and more!

GST Returns

Reconciliation and filing of your GST Returns, either quarterly or annually. Auto payment to CRA available.

Payroll Services

We process your payroll within a couple of hours. T4 slips provided at the end of the year.

Year End Prep

Preparation of books for your accountant. Fully reviewed, all our books pass through 2 sets of eyes to ensure accuracy.

Non Profits

Our staff is fully equipped to deal with Alberta Gaming and the rules that apply, so that your books are done right!


We offer a full range of courses to teach you the essentials on running your business.

The Corporation

For larger companies that want books done right and want a bookkeeping partner they can rely on.  On-Core can help you step up your bookkeeping game by offering services that are reliable & predictable.

The Startup

Those that are new in business have a lot of questions how to proceed. With On-Core at your side, this gives you more time to focus on your business and let us manage your books.

The Individual

The small guys should not be forgotten!  Your needs are unique, and On-Core knows it!  Let us walk you through what you need to do for your books, for both sole proprietors and small corporations.

The D-I-Y Bookkeeper

If you want to do it yourself, we have an app for that….well, rather, we have a website for that.  Join us at Diary of a Business Owner, where we help educate.  Oh yes, don’t forget about our courses that we teach as well.