If you are really behind in Canada Revenue Agency and in your books, then you may want to look at a payment plan for your business, and we offer it!

The payment plan allows you to get caught up, and then make regular monthly payments at a pace which is good for you.

Get rid of the stress of being behind on your books

Contact us to find out how to get caught up.

How does a payment plan work?

There are two different ways to accomplish a payment plan, and the proper way will depend how far in debt you are and how many years of bookkeeping you have to do.

Method #1

When you bring in your books, we do a

  • live assessment of what will be required
  • estimated amount of taxes owing to CRA
  • prioritize what is owing
  • figure out a plan of attack
  • setup a payment plan with works for you

Method #2

For those that are really far in debt, you may want to consider “bridge financing”.  In this case, you are unable to draw on resources from your bank because they won’t loan you money until you are caught up to date.  Someone that does this type of financing will help get you out of trouble now, so that you do qualify for banking loans.  On-Core does not do bridge financing, but we can connect you with people that do.