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Personal Tax Returns

Personal tax returns can be done anywhere, but not everyone will give you the same results.

We believe that if you gave your tax return to 3 different people, you would get 3 different tax returns.

Yes, there is a formula, but the information on the tax return is only as good as the quality of person doing the return.

At On-Core, we pride ourselves on our service and our desire to do what is in the customer’s best interest. We ask questions to identify things you may be missing.

This is especially true for those people that are self employed.

Are you looking for advice to make sure you are doing the right things?

Are you self employed, and want to maximize your write offs?

Our Promise

We can help navigate you through the various write offs that will help you pay the least amount of tax!

Our patient staff will take the time to ensure you understand your obligations and your opportunities.

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Whether you are an employee looking to get your taxes done, or a self employed individual needing taxes done, On-Core Bookkeeping can help.

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Self Employed:

Your needs will change! You have many more things to think about, which includes the following:

  • Additional write offs, what receipts do I keep
  • Usage of private vehicle and your private home
  • Understanding your salary may be different that your company’s income
  • Best way to gain tax savings
  • How to meet your obligations to Canada Revenue Agency
  • ….and so much more!

We have tax professionals on staff that know all the ins and outs of great bookkeeping for your business. We can save you time and money come tax time!

In addition to helping with your tax return, we can educate you how to get the biggest write offs, the types of expenses you can write off, and preparing for next tax season. If you are thinking of incorporating, we can walk you through that also, giving you the pros and the cons, and showing you what is different before you make that big decision incorporate. Incorporation significantly affects the way you pay yourself and affects the taxes you will owe.