Get rid of boxes of paper – Hubdoc makes life easier.

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Did you know there is a way to stop keeping all your receipts and still get all your information to your bookkeeper.  Not only that but Bookkeeper will get it real time and stop chasing you for items.

Bookkeepers can  stop calling and asking for everything- we just remind you of the few things you are missing.  Does it sound like dream?

Welcome to the technology of today.  With Hubdoc and Quickbooks online you just take a picture with your phone when you get a receipt and then throw it in a box.  We don’t want to see the receipt or the box – we just recommend you keep the paper in case you get a really picky auditor.

The Joy of Hubdoc

  • Hubdoc keeps pictures of all your receipts – in folders by vendor for you
  • Hubdoc does some of the busy work of entry – we still look at every receipt but it can be faster than flattening, sorting, entering and then filing your receipts for you.

Hubdoc pulls statements for you – we have it already.

  • Most places you log in to a website and get the statements- Hubdoc can do that
  • If the vendor emails you statements- it can be emailed directly to Hubdoc for you.

Stressless bookkeeping

  • We log into your hubdoc account and code receipts and publish to Quickbooks online for you
  • We do it closer to real time – as soon as your statement come from the bank we can reconcile
  • We know within a week if you are missing a receipt and can ask about it right away –
    • While you still remember what it is.  Not months later – what was that Walmart receipt for?
    • You might even still have the receipt in your coat pocket

Reporting when it helps you – not months later when you bring in your receipts and statements.

  • Your monthly reports can come out within a week of your bank statements most of the time – this means you can make better decisions
  • What effected last months profits?
  • What needs to change?
  • Where can I save money?
  • Did that advertising campaign bring in sales?

What you need to do:

  • Let us know you want Hubdoc and Quickbooks online
    • We will tell you if your situation is not a good fit for Quickbooks online
      • most companies are a good fit now
  • We set up the Hubdoc and Quickbooks online accounts
  • They bill us, we bill you
    • Bookkeepers get a discount and can pass the savings on to you
  • You log into Quickbooks online and connect your bank feeds
    • We can walk you through this if needed
  • Come in and we show you how it works
    • How to connect your bank, credit card, utilities….
    • How the app works on your phone
    • Options for getting your information into Hubdoc
    • put all your receipts into Hubdoc
    • Wait for your reports- or login to Quickbooks online

If you want to learn more – call us for a training

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