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Get rid of boxes of paper – Hubdoc makes life easier.

Did you know there is a way to stop keeping all your receipts and still get all your information to your bookkeeper.  Not only that but Bookkeeper will get it real time and stop chasing you for items. Bookkeepers can  stop calling and asking for everything- we just remind you of the few things you […]

New CPP 2018 and EI 2018 Rates

The new CPP and EI rates have been released for 2018   The employee and employer contribution rates for 2018 will remain unchanged at 4.95%, and the self-employed contribution rate will remain unchanged at 9.9%. The maximum employer and employee contributions to the plan for 2018 will be $2,593.80 each, and the maximum self-employed contribution […]

Employee Gifts – How it affects payroll.

It is the time of year when many clients give a Christmas or annual bonus – Did you know it is taxable?  When are employee gifts taxable?  Do you need to deduct tax for that? If you give your employees a Christmas bonus – it is a taxable benefit if it is paid in cash or […]

Coats for Kids 2017

  This holiday season On-Core has decided to collaborate with the United Way program called “Coats for Kids & Families”.  This program last year alone distributed 6,680 coats to Edmonton Families. We are asking all of our clients to donate to this wonderful program. If you have any of the below items. Please come by […]


CRA will not phone you about owing money! If there is ever any tax money outstanding on your personal or business account, CRA will send a letter to your home address they have on file.  You  will get a brown envelope asking you to call them first.  If someone calls you from the “CRA” most […]

Where did my money go? CRA Seizing accounts

Do you owe money to the CRA? Next time you look at your bank account you may be in for a big surprise! The CRA has been seizing accounts lately for back payments without warning.  Sometimes there are payment arrangements that have been made that have gone to the wrong account – as in the […]

December 31, 2017 Payroll Changes Alberta

Payroll changes are coming December 31, 2017– How will they affect your business? As of December 31, 2017 the Alberta Labour laws are changing – these payroll changes will effect your business if you have any of the below that apply. General holiday and general holiday pay The requirement to have worked for 30 days in the […]

CRA My Payment – How to Pay the CRA.

A question we get frequently is “I have this CRA bill – how do I pay it?” There are several options to make a CRA payment We can pull the money from your bank account and pay the CRA for you You will need to fill out the correct forms with us We pull money from […]

Proposed Tax Changes 2017 – Will they effect you?

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the proposed tax changes that according to the government will “close loopholes” but according to accountants and small business owners will harm small business. What do you need to know about the proposed tax changes? There are 3 proposed changes: Income sprinkling Basically if […]

Minimum Wage Changes – Alberta

On October first in Alberta there will be a new minimum wage.  What does this mean for business owners with employees? The minimum wage rates have been changing yearly on October 1.  the last scheduled wage increase will be October 1, 2018. If you use minimum or low wage workers you need to be aware […]