CRA My Payment – How to Pay the CRA.

A question we get frequently is “I have this CRA bill – how do I pay it?”

There are several options to make a CRA payment

  1. We can pull the money from your bank account and pay the CRA for you
    • You will need to fill out the correct forms with us
    • We pull money from your bank around the 10th and 20 to pay the 15th and end of month
    • We charge a small fee – but will handle it and make sure it is paid correctly
    • Works with any bank
  2. Using the form from the government go to the bank.
    • This will only work if you have the original form as it has electronic ink.
    • If you do not have the form this method will not work
  3. If you have online banking you can log in and see if you can pay through your bill payment area
    • Some bank accounts you need to set this up
      • With some banks it is a whole different login than the one you usually use and can take quite a while to set up.
    • This can cost bank fees depending on your bank and bank package
    • This will usually pay the next business day
  4.  Use CRA My Payment
    • You will need a bank login or a Visa/ Mastercard DEBIT card
    • Does not work with ATB logins
    • You need to know exactly what you are paying
      • Make sure you know which month you are remitting for for your PD7A (should be at the top of your PD7A)
      • Arrears needs to be paid to arrears.
      • Do not combine payments for different months or sections into 1 payment- it will cause issues in fixing them later.
      • You may have to pay bank fees for using this option depending on your bank and bank package
    • This payment will be approved and paid on the same day
      • Great if you are paying at the last minute and want to avoid the 10% PD7A penalty

If you need help with any of these methods contact us and we will walk you through it.